I’ve always known Souris Hong to be the brightest, most connected, hard-working, and most talented person I know. If I come across a hurdle, I call Souris. She’s a thinker, a problem solver, an innovator, and a creator. She helps create opportunities. She creates magic. She makes a vibe unlike anyone else, and people, including myself, are drawn to her for that. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Souris for nearly two decades, and she has been nothing short of an incredible human (an essential trait!) and a most trusted creative sounding board.

Alice Gu, Award-Winning Filmmaker, The Donut King

I had the privilege of working with Souris when she served as Vice President, Interactive Media, for Entertainment Media Ventures. I have known Souris for many years as an innovator blending the best of tech, design, and storytelling. These are hard disciplines to mix effectively, but this combination of skills was highly sought after by our clients. Souris was masterful in building trust with clients, showing them new ways to engage their audiences, and marshaling a team of EMV and client members that worked highly effectively, delivering important results for our clients’ business building.

I have stayed in close touch with Souris through the years, marveling at the creative projects she has brought forth. Souris would be a spectacular addition to any organization looking for a creative collaborator with impressive leadership skills.

Sandy Climan, President, Entertainment Media Ventures, Producer, BAFTA & Golden Globe Winner

Souris is an unparalleled curator, programmer, and connector – of people, ideas, art, and culture. I’ve known and worked with her for over a dozen years. I have always considered her the most valuable person in my world for creating original collaborations across entertainment, art, technology, and commerce. I credit many of my most valued work relationships to her. I’ve sought her advice on creative across multiple roles, from bringing world-class artists to YouTube Spaces worldwide to involving top talents from music, art, and entertainment in original productions. Whenever Souris is involved in creating a cultural event or program, I don’t miss it for anything.

Tim Shey, Head of Studios, Duolingo; former Head of Scripted Original Programming, YouTube

Souris is who you call when you need to create cool things. She’s a talented interdisciplinary producer across all mediums. We’ve collaborated on several global entertainment, art, technology, and partnership projects. She consistently provides the most innovative solutions and brings oft-overlooked elements for creative success: fun and kindness. She is a bold leader who is excellent at managing a team on time and within budget. No robot can defeat her.

James Hadgis, Executive Director & Film Producer, HBCU Storytellers Project

Souris Hong participated as a Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture grant review panelist. Finding panelists of this caliber is difficult, and she will remain at the top of my list as someone to invite again! She provided valuable feedback and contributed to an insightful discussion on a group of grant applications for arts and culture funding in the Media Arts discipline. Her demeanor, expertise, and graceful communication style impressed me. She not only knew what she was talking about but provided feedback for the applicants that will be immensely helpful for any future grants they submit. Most importantly, Souris helped the group create a deep sense of community and connection. We all left that day feeling joy and gratitude for the wonderful experience, having spent the day in such great company discussing the work of the amazing arts and culture community here in L.A. County.

Rosalyn Escobar, Grants Manager, Los Angeles County; Department of Arts and Culture

Where would I be without Souris? After all these years working together, I know there’s no one like her! It’s rare to find someone with the knowledge, passion, and perspective to negotiate artist deals. From her many years working with artists and brands, she knows all the right questions to ask when these big brands want to hire me. I’ve worked with other agents, and none of them fight for my best interests as Souris does; she always has my back from start to finish. Her professionalism is unrivaled, and I think we get rehired because of it. She is the model of an artist’s agent, and any artist would be grateful to have her services.

Buff Monster, Renowned Artist

Souris knows how to work hard. She took full ownership of her part in building MOCAtv and was a key part of the team. She is always positive and full of ideas, with a deep and broad network, and is equally comfortable in strategy, conception, and execution. Whether it was art, music, live events, fashion, film, or video games, she knew helpful people and was keen to collaborate. And more than that, she has one characteristic that I value: if Souris says she will do something, she will.

John Toba, MOCAtv, Head of Production

Souris Hong of Creative Cabal was an incredibly valuable member of Senator Bernie Sanders’s “The Art of a Political Revolution” production team. Not only did Souris bring decades of expertise to the table as well as her relationships, but she also brought a certain calm to the project. Souris helped keep us moving in the right direction. Souris’s sense of professionalism, invaluable artistic opinions, and love for the culture helped make this a series of exhibitions for the history books.

Luis Calderin, Director of Arts and Culture, Bernie Sanders for President

Souris has been my brilliant and supportive friend for over 15 years. Her dynamic personality and ability to connect creative folks with consumers are impressive and inspiring.

Gary Baseman, Artist, Emmy & BAFTA Winner

Thank you for being one of the most genuine and supportive people I've ever met. Honestly, your care and attention to detail were so deeply appreciated by me. I felt so loved!!

Jay Shetty, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, #1 Health Podcast Host


I excel at putting art into action, collaborating with creators, and producing unforgettable experiences. The creative community can testify to my character and abilities.

Souris Hong is a forward thinker. She created a blockbuster social media and digital marketing plan for Aerosmith’s LET ROCK RULE tour involving a collaboration between the band and acclaimed street artist RISK. She knows art, music, film, politics, branding — you name it. Creative Cabal makes ideas happen!

Trudy Green, Manager, Aerosmith

Souris is a brilliant and creative thinker. She has advised and assisted on multiple creative campaigns. Her understanding, expertise, and relationships in the creative space are second to none. Our collaborations have extended to bringing together the top talent in art and sports to create unique opportunities. Always a pleasure to work closely with Souris anytime my needs venture into the art and creative space.

Alex Rose, Vice President, Athlete & Partnerships Strategy, The Players’ Tribune

Souris’ reputation as a thoughtful and generous connector preceded her, but it was something else entirely to see it in action. On our very first call, she was full of ideas to support our work and introductions that should be made immediately. With a wide network that spans across industries and locations, Souris honed in on the perfect collaborator to join our team, and we are forever grateful for the connection.

Mica Le John, Founder, Idoru

Souris is a brilliant art consultant and curator with extensive connections and an open, collaborative, and flexible approach. She is a true asset to any team looking to build successful relationships with artists. She has a keen eye for talent and is always on the lookout for new and emerging artists, and she is thoughtful about connecting clients with the right artists for their needs. In addition, Souris is a pleasure to work with. She is always responsive to feedback, adaptable to changes, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that her clients are happy. I highly recommend Souris to anyone looking for an art consultant.

Tommy Meaney, Product Manager, Google Photos 

Souris is exceptionally skilled at connecting people and enabling artistic collaboration. I trust her instincts on all things creative and value her innovative perspective, unmatched energy, and amazing capacity to get BIG things done.

Emmanuelle Bourlier, Creator/Producer, Five Places L.A.; VP, Information Committee, Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design

Souris is a strategy and art genius and a go-getter with a magnetic spark. Working alongside her in-house and as a consultant is pure joy and inspiration. Souris' vibrant creativity and strategic brilliance elevates projects turning challenges into successes. Her expansive knowledge, impeccable taste, laser-focused insights, and influential network are unparalleled. I’m forever grateful for our incredible partnership on Absolut and many other brand-related projects.

Chalcea Park, EVP, Celebrity & Influencer, The Marketing Arm

I met Souris at the LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, where we were members of the board of directors. Later I became president, and Souris became vice president of the organization. For a year, we worked closely, running the LA Forum. Besides her energetic and pragmatic personality, Souris is a smart and creative team player with a positive and empathetic outlook. And I am happy to count her as one of my friends.

Jose Herrasti, Architect and Founding Principal, MUTUO; President, Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design

I have worked with Souris on various art-related projects over the years. For our most recent collaboration, Souris partnered AT&T with BEYOND THE STREETS, a 40k sq. ft art experience I curated. She helped produce an Artist Speaker Series with Mister Cartoon and DabsMyla. Her vast knowledge of art and her ability to produce live events is incomparable.

Roger Gastman, Founder, Beyond the Streets and R. Rock Enterprises

Souris is a very knowledgeable, sharp collaborator that has a keen eye for the intersection of creativity and non-traditionally creative markets. She is also one of the most well-connected people I know, and has been extremely helpful in advising brand strategy towards conversion. Souris’ charm and warm personality has always made her very easy to work with, personable, and reliably in our corner with us. Could not sing her praises enough!

AJ Addae, Co-Founder, MULTI

Souris is one of the most enthusiastic, intelligent, and supportive cheerleaders you can ever have on your side to root for you and to believe in your vision. Aside from that, her years of experience in community building and strategy speak for themselves in the ways she is able to spot the connectivity between what you want to achieve and the potential routes of how to get there. If you're looking for someone who can merge creativity, community, strategy, and network--this is your person. The way she has championed creatives, women, and good people over the years deserves recognition and praise and is proven by how many people agree: she is amazing.

Mal Tayag, Co-Founder, MULTI

There are those people that move through life with such a positive momentum that simple proximity to them is enough to draw you forward. Souris is at the helm of the ship. She is a driving force at the center of an amazing creative community and draws together people from all walks of life with a positive energy that is palpable and inspiring. I feel blessed to have met her and would recommend her for ANYTHING... you should be so lucky to have her on your team.

Yosi Sergant, Founder, TaskForce